About the product: The Wipey Wipes kits have come about through a collaboration between three South West Wales businesses. The idea came from me at Nappy Go Lucky,  a cloth nappy user, who was keen to support British manufacturing and I approached Akamuti in Carmarthenshire to provide the skincare range and Red Dragon Manufacturing in Swansea, a social enterprise, making all manner of exciting products at their workshops in South Wales, to make the sewn items.

To read about how the kit works in more detail check out the blog 

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Why? I see lots of nappy users talking on forums about using essential oils, either as part of their nappy wash, or for scenting their nappy bucket and more alarmingly for using with reusable wipes. I don’t believe that concentrated essential oils should be used on young babies and toddlers skin without guidance from an aromatherpist. By working with Akamuti we can offer you a range of gentle skincare products perfect for newborns and small children.

I am also passionate about offering parents an alternative to single use products, which will often save them money long term and definitely reduce their household waste.

Wipey wipes can be used for bottoms but they can also be used for wiping hands and faces – particularly useful when you hit the weaning stage. You can purchase different colours if you like to keep things separate.

To read about how the kit works in more detail check out the blog 

About me: I am a Scot now living in West Wales. I have three young daughters, a rescued chocolate labrador and a workaholic husband.

I have been using cloth nappies and reusuable wipes for a number of years on my children. I started using cloth nappies to reduce my household waste but find them to be so much more gentle on the children’s skin and you can undoubtedly save money compared to using single use products. I am a big fan!

I started using cloth wipes as my middle daughter had very sensitive skin and reacted to the chemicals in disposable wipes. I quickly realised just how much more effective a cloth wipe was at cleaning up poo compared to a disposable that smears it round!


I set up Nappy Go Lucky (originally as a partnership) and have been selling cloth nappies and accessories for 5 years. I am passionate about the environment but also keen to support British industry and although I currently import nappies from around the globe I wanted to create a ‘made in the UK’ product line.

When not busy with my businesses I enjoy baking and walks by the seaside.

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