What’s it all about?

Cloth wipes:

  • can save you money
  • are gentle on the skin
  • are excellent at wiping mucky faces, hands or bottoms
  • are easy to use
  • reduce your household waste


The wipey wipes kit contains:

  • 10 double sided wipes, one fleece side, one terry cotton side (fleece is soft and towelling is ‘grippy’!)
  • one round container (easy to grab one handed if you need to support a newborn or wrestle a toddler)
  • clip-lock style lid
  • drawstring bag for taking wipes out with you
  • 100g sample bag of ‘Wipey Wipe’ cubes to make a lovely, gentle wipe solution.
  • different colours are available if you want different ones for hands & faces / bottoms.

Made in the UK:

  • cloth nappies and wipes are often made in China, whilst great for the Chinese economy I like to support local businesses so the ‘Wipey Wipes’ range of wipes, wetbags and toiletries products are manufactured in West Wales, all just a few miles away from WWHQ.
  • ‘Made in Britain’ products support the UK economy and reduce airmiles
  • We have partnered with Akamuti who make organic skincare products near Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire and Red Dragon Manufacturing, a social enterprise in Swansea.

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